SSMA Community, Kakuri, Kaduna
 Rev. Sr. MaryAnne Mowobi (Sister in charge of the community) 

 Rev. Sr. Francisca 'Bola Daramola (Member) 


(1) St. Josephs Catholic N/P School, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Lagos Street, Kaduna



St. Josephs Catholic Nursery and Primary School is sited within the premises of St. Josephs Catholic Cathedral of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna within the heart of the metro-politan city of Kaduna.

The sister in charge of the school go there every day from the convent in Kakuri.

The school begins from Daycare through the Nersery section and then the primary section. 








(2) Makera Systems and Resources, Rahama Road, Kakuri, Kaduna

Management of an event Centre where people hold receptions for various ceremonies with convenient facilities.

Since the 19th of September, 2011, the Centre has hosted a good number of wedding receptions.




MSR offers ICT skills aquisition Certificate training for interested citizens. The Centre has focused on developing teenagers and teachers to be able to increase computer literacy in our nation.

Some students in SS2 are being offered free training, some where helped to be sponsored by philanthropists to prepare them for the ICT challenges of higher institutions.

Teachers are given subsidized fee rate and allowed convenient installment payments    to encourage them move with the ICT trend and update their lives.

MSR has decided to be giving free training to the best three SS2 students in schools in her neighborhood every session to prepare them for the nearest future on ICT issues and to encourage healthy academic competition among the students.


Parish management software named 'Verbum Parish Easy' is being introduced to Parishes to help easy the problems of management in the various parishes. In collaboration with Verbum Networks, the software is being sold to interested parishes after being trained by MSR. Some priests of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kaduna are seen receiving the training.

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