The Apostolic Spirit comes from our intimate union with the Lord; bringing the goodnews to the people (Evangelization) and be identified with them in all things except sin.    

"Such apostolates therefore call for Catechesis, Social work, Education, option for the poor and promotion of social justice, care for the sick and needy” SSMA Constitution no 9.


The Spirit is lived out in the following ways:


1. A social and vocational training center with these department:

  •       Fashion designing/weaving 
  •       Computer center 
  •       Host baking 

2. Shelter for homeless children, abandoned babies, and elderly 


3. Catholic boarding elementary and high schools  (Follow this link)


4. Mobile health clinics in rural areas


5. Hospitals 


6. Home for the Elderly 


7. Family Service/ Guidance and Counseling Center


8. Ongoing project at Orin Ekiti  (Follow this link)